Concrete Resurfacing Unique Solutions For Your Next Home Improvement Project – 5 Reasons Why

Did you know that concrete resurfacing may be the answer to some of your most challenging home improvement projects? Resurfacing, which is a thin overlay process, is generally known for its application on driveways, patios and outdoor living spaces, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Custom colors and textures can be applied to almost any surface from ceilings to floors and everything in between. Just think of the possibilities for your most challenging projects…out dated floors and counter tops, vintage kitchens and bathrooms, surfaces needing patching or repair work, damaged walls and ceilings to name a few! Cosmetic repairs can be integrated into the design. The concrete-acrylic coatings are applied directly over existing surfaces including and not limited to the following:

v Existing Tile

v Linoleum

v Painted surfaces

v Old paneling

v Glass

v Concrete, old or new

v Drywall

Creative resurfacing provides a practical way to enjoy, natural looking surfaces that are in many ways better than real stone or tile. These expensive looking surfaces are a fraction of the cost that you would pay for granite or tile.

These surfaces are durable, created to resist stains, mildew and most chemicals, fading from sunlight (UV) and are engineered to cure at nearly 8,000 P.S.I (that’s three times the rating of traditional concrete.)

The process is quick and easy, projects can be completed in days rather weeks or months.

Flexibility in using this process is virtually endless from color, to design and texture applications ; every project is a one of kind work of art…more than just beautiful and durable, resurfacing offers solutions that are versatile. Any of our design applications can be resurfaced or colored at any time so that you’re not stuck with the same look if you don’t want to!

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