Save Money Doing Home Improvements Out of Season

You may be looking outside at the wind and rain (and maybe even snow) and wondering who does home improvement projects in the winter? The short answer is people who want to save money.

Summer is the busiest time of year for remodeling and other house projects, but there are many things you can have done in spring, autumn, and even winter. And guess what? You’ll save money because contractors are less busy this time of year, and they’re often eager to cut deals in order to get some business.

It’s true that some projects are best done in the warm, dry days of summer, but there are lots of home improvements you can do “out of season” without trouble. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

If you’re looking for a few winter projects, this is a good time of year to remodel the kitchen or bathroom. Since these are done entirely indoors, weather does not make a difference. Busy during the time leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas (as customers are eager to get their houses ready for the holidays), design and remodeling professionals often experience a lull in late December and January. This is a great time to contact them, because they’ll be eager to get business going in the new year. You may even be able to negotiate for a 10% discount. Also, kitchen appliances often go on sale late in the year, so this may be a good time to buy that stainless steel refrigerator and oven you’ve been drooling over.

Another home improvement project you can tackle in the winter is landscaping. Because the trees are bare and the bushes are flower-free, most people don’t think about landscaping this time of year. That makes it the perfect time to contact a landscape architect, designer, or contractor. Again, you may be able to negotiate deals for work done in the off seasons, and pruning fruit trees is easier when the leaves are on the ground. In addition, this is a good time of year to eradicate pest plants and weeds.

If you’re looking forward toward the spring, a good home improvement project for that time of year is replacing the roof. Roofing companies are busy during the summer, which is the peak season, and can afford to charge a premium for their work. But if you can find a dry week in the spring, you won’t be charged high prices and you won’t have to wait for the roofer to have an opening in a busy schedule.

You can also pour concrete in the spring if you’ve been thinking about a patio or new walkway. Concrete actually likes water, using it as fuel for the curing process, so a damp overcast (but not rainy) spring day is great for pouring a driveway or patio. Pouring concrete in the spring also means the slab will have a long time to cure before winter brings freezing temperatures.

If you’re looking ahead to home improvement projects for next fall, you could schedule exterior house painting for then. Painting in the rain isn’t a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you can paint only in the summer (high temperatures and direct sunlight can actually dry the paint before it has had a chance to bond properly to the surface). Save money on getting your house painted by asking the contractor to treat your home as a fill-in job, one he or she works on in bits and pieces between other projects. The contractor may be able to offer a discount, as this keeps the crew busy during days they’d otherwise have no work.

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